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James Wilson

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House District 150

Republican Primary

Early Voting: 02/20/18 - 03/02/18

Election Day: 03/06/18

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Sheriff Ron Hickman, Retired Harris County Sheriff and Precinct 4 Constable

"James Wilson has my support for State Representative in District 150, where my own home sits.  I've seen James conduct himself in previous campaigns with integrity and sincerely believe he will be a voice for the residents in our area.  He will not cater to the Austin "power brokers" and as a local businessman understands the impact decisions made in Austin have on our community.  We need better support for our district in education, flood control, and fighting crime from a more effective leader.  I believe James Wilson is that man and I ask you to support him for state Representative of District 150."

Debbie Riddle, former State Representative District 150

"James Wilson has my support in his campaign for State Representative 150.  The current State Rep, Val Swanson, has been a disaster, to put it mildly.  We need a State Rep that will vote for the benefit of our area and not the high dollar donor "puppet masters" in Austin.  James is honest, hard working & dedicated to our community.  Our current State Rep Swanson has a problem with telling the truth and is a classic political pawn.  James Wilson speaks the truth, even when speaking truth may be "politically incorrect."   True conservatives, like Wilson, are honest & have integrity.   James Wilson is a solid Christian & family man.  My vote is for James Wilson - a man of truth and courage."

Neighbors and Community Leaders

Toni Audibert

Dale & Sherrill Baggett

Glen Barnhill

Fred Blanton, Chairman Precinct 263

Kathy Zellars Bridwell

Kristen Brunson

Bill Bushaw

Corey Bushong

Brandy Butler

Curtis Cavazos

Kim Krause Cavazos

Gurli Coambes

Amanda & Troy Dalrymple

Juanita Davis

Pat & Theresa Deegan

Robie Kaye Dodson

Michael  Doering

Tammy Greene Dowe

DeAnne  Driver

The Honorable Joe Driver, State Representative HD 113 (Retired)

Dan Fink

Marlene Wilson Fletcher

Jamie Fuselier, Chairman Precinct 853

Vicki Brown Gaines

Jana Gonzales

Paul & Lindsay Sayles Gonzalez

David Gratvol

Noel & Candace Hearne

Mike Hebert

Brad Herritage

Sherriff Ron Hickman, Harris County (Retired)

Dr. E.A.  Jensen, PhD, Chairman-Elect Precinct 912

Natalie Wilson Johnson

Jim & Janice Kelley

Martin Klein

Larry Lipton

Lori Osipov

Luis Pinto

Tammy Jo Prince

Dr. Michael C. Riddle, Jr. MD

The Honorable Debbie Riddle, State Representative HD 150 (Former)

Judy Focht Rimato

Scott Rimato

The Honorable Bill Siebert, State Representative HD 121 (Retired)

Chris Smith

Olivia Tapley

Anne Wilson Vallette

Eric & Kylie Wachel

David Weinhold

Joshua Zellars

Lisa Zimmerman

Al Zolli


Patriot Ministry of Texas 

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists PAC 

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National Rifle Association - "AQ" Rated Candidate

"On behalf of NRA's Political Victory Fund and our members in Texas House District 150, I am pleased to announce your AQ rating for the 2018 election cycle. Your rating is based on your positive responses to our NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire on issues of importance to gun owners and sportsmen in Texas. It will be listed on our website and communicated to NRA members prior to the upcoming elections. 

Please feel free to communicate your rating to the voters in the district as you campaign.  Best of luck with your race!"

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists TSAPAC - Endorsed Candidate

"I am pleased to inform you the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists PAC (TSAPAC) voted to endorse your candidacy for the Texas State Legislature in the 2018 elections. 

The TSAPAC is the political arm of the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists (TSA) which represents over 3,700 physicians and residents to advance, promote, and support the practice of the medical specialty of anesthesiology in the State of Texas. Your support of issues affecting physicians and the safety of their patients in Texas earned you our support."

Texas State Rifle Association - "AQ" Rated Candidate

"We are pleased to announce to TSRA members in House District 150 that your candidacy is scored with an "AQ".   An AQ score lets TSRA members know that you are an "A" rated candidate based on your answers to the candidate questionnaire, a document shared between TSRA and NRA.  Your name and score will be available at before early voting begins.

TSRA members appreciate knowing your position on the 2nd Amendment, hunting, personal protection, and other issues of importance to law-abiding Texas gun owners."

About James Wilson

Husband and Father

James and Paige Wilson are the proud parents of Andrew and Savannah. Both children are students at nationally recognized Klein Oak High School.   

Wilson received his BA in Government from the University of Texas at Austin.  

Experienced Conservative

Wilson has significant experience working in both our state and federal government. He has served as a Legislative Assistant and Chief of Staff in the Texas Legislature during the 73rd, 74th, and 75th Sessions.  Wilson also served as a Regional Director for U.S. Senator Phil Gramm (R - TX). 

Pro-Life Christian

Wilson believes we must protect and care for our vulnerable citizens and the less fortunate among us, including the unborn, the disabled, the sick, and the elderly.   Matthew 25:40

Pro-2nd Amendment

Wilson is a strong proponent of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He has twice received an "AQ" rating from both the NRA and TSRA, and enjoys shooting for sport, marksmanship practice, and relaxation.  

Defending our Liberty

Wilson will fight to preserve the individual rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution and our Creator.  A Reagan Republican, Wilson believes in the values of individual responsibility, limited government, and the free market. 

Local Business Owner

Wilson is an independent insurance agent and small business owner.  He will eliminate excessive regulations and wasteful spending, while improving our  business climate to make Texas the strongest economy in the world. 

A Servant For Our Community

Wilson supports public schools teachers students and education


Our public schools should be a place where students enter with a promise  and exit with a purpose. I will eliminate  burdensome regulations and unfunded state mandates to help our school districts focus on students and provide our community with real property tax relief.

Wilson supports harris county flood control and prevention


Hurricane Harvey devastated our community. It is imperative that we begin work now to prevent damage from future storms and invest in our community.  My solution is to dredge and deepen our local creeks and bayous, improve storm drainage, and upgrade our bridges and reservoirs.


Our families look to our police, fire, and emergency services personnel for protection from crime, natural disasters, and accidents. 

I promise that our heroic first responders will always have the tools, training, and equipment they need to continue to keep our families and community safe.  

Where and how do I vote?

The Republican Primary 

Election Day is March 6, 2018. 

Early Voting begins on Tuesday February 20th and ends Friday March 2nd. 

Voter registration information is provided below.  Applications for new voters must be received by February 5th to vote on March 6th. 


We will post voting locations for Election Day and Early Voting as soon as they are announced.

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